CEO Greeting

You and I are the center of the history.
What is there to be written in a history if we are absent?
Let us find history from ourselves.
Amidst the flow of history, nature and environment will continue to change.

We as a company study nature and environment of the future.

Kim Wanhee, CEO

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Apr. 2002 Enter business creation center of Samcheok Univ.
Jan. 2003 Established Deayoung ENC
Oct. 2004 Expanded production equipment
Mar. 2005 Moved the headquarter
May. 2005 Registered utility model
Conducted joint development consortium between industry, school and industry
(improve performance of dustproof mask)
Dec. 2005 Certificate ISO 14001
Apr. 2006 Venture company certificate (Kangwon Regional Small & Medium Business Administration)
Jul. 2008 Inno-biz company certificate (Kangwon Regional Small & Medium Business Administration)

Company Story

Every Daeyeong Enc product is made in Donghae-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea, a beautiful place famous for its scenery and fresh air.

We work with the elderly and disabled to provide them social activities, and in return produce high-quality products.

We wish to contribute to a beautiful world with our neighbors from this beautiful city.

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