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class 2 Industrial Dust Mask

Exhaust Valve
The attachment of a special-designed exhaust valve reduces the resistance of intake air and allows for smooth discharge of moisture. Your vision will not be obscured even when wearing glasses.
Excellent Dust Purification
Cleanses dust, mist, fume, heavy metals and viruses through a special filter layer.
Excellent Adhesion
Attachment of soft sponge ensures a perfect wrapping around the facial part as well as a satisfactory feeling of wearing.
Wide Filtering Area
Wide filtering area helps reduce intake of dust and improves exhaust resistance.
Adjustable Headband
To reduce pressure on facial part, adjust the headband that is hangable on the ear.
Excellent in blocking workers’ exposure to cold virus, heavy metal in the air including SARS, dust pigmentation, chemical spray. Beneficial in inspection and repairing of equipment, plastic and rubber molding process, Yellow dust, pollen, virus, grinding, cutting, cast, raw material grinding and mixed injection. (Cannot be used as a gas mask.)
Special Remarks
Obtained patent in practical design. Adjust the headband and hang on the ear to fit the facial shape.
4-layer air filter
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what is Sericite?


Sericite is excellent for immune system improvement, antibacterial effects, absorption of harmful substances such as excessive negative ion, far-infrared radiation. It also contains the four major minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium) that are good for the human body.

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Excellent Antibiotic Function
Excellent effect in preventing athlete’s foot.
High ultraviolet ray blocking rate
Excellent absorption of ultraviolet ray (cosmetics, sunblock, etc.)
High far-infrared radiation emission rate
88.4% (Korea Conformity Laboratories)
- Construction materials (sericite bricks, sericite board, sericite wallpaper)
- Materials for sericite bath, etc.
100% organic decomposition
Sericite plastic, paint, and soil ameliorator, etc

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